The Reliable & long-term operation of the Steam & Water Analysis System depends upon the efficiency of the sample conditioning components for which precise pressure and flow control are must essential.

The main application of this product is the chemical analysis of water and steam samples in modern Power Generation Plants.

Axis offers a very reliable product for system designers where high-pressure reduction with flow control is a major challenge.

The flexible needle-in-chamber type design permits for adjustable pressure drop and flow control. It is fully cleanable in place. Both of these features provide a long life of sample conditioning parts.

The APRV1 consists of two needles joined to a large chamber. This assembly is provided precision insertion in the chamber. The high-pressure steam enters into APRV1, flow passes through one needle then turns towards the other needle and then out. Pressure drop is proportionate to the length of the needles inserted into the chamber. The pressure is reduced smoothly under linear flow.