Based on the standard potassium dichroom mate oxidation method and new technical platfoorrm, samples will be digested under the strong oxidant (potassium ddichromate), catalyst (silver sulfate) and high ttemperature (175°C). During digestion, the hexavalent chromium willl be reduced to trivalent chromium and the soluutition’s color will change. The digested solution will be measured with aa colorimeter and the absorbance is proportional t to o the COD concentration.
The instrument is designed for autommaatic COD monitoring on several types of wateter matrix, such as industrial wastewater, municipal wastewater, induusstrial process water, etc. Such analyzer adopts aad dvanced sequential injection platform, combining with standard deteccttion method, which ensures reliable and accuraate te results. With high level of robustness in the electronics, mechanniics and hydraulics components. The analyzerr provides multiple standard interfaces, which are easy to combine othther available instruments, such as flowmeter, pH H meter, etc, therefore remote monitoring can be achieved.
The analyzer can be equipped selectitiv vely with corresponding pretreatment system for thoroughly meeting the demands of various working conditions a annd various customer