Safe Area / Explosion proof Close Loop Chillers







Axis make chiller unit is capable to lower the sample temperature for the sample analysis for analyzer and trouble-free operation. Chilled water to flow through the external heat exchanger (shell & tube type) and the same will maintain the sample temperature to be analysis.

This chiller fulfils the requirement where the requirement of special cooling or cooling water utility is not available at the site. The chiller can be supplied in various ranges of cooling capacity as per the requirement. It can be supplied for single to multi analyzers in a single house.

The basic requirements for any Chiller units are to perform according to the given parameter with trouble free operations. Specifically, design for sample cooling application. Depending on the flow rate, different circulating pump capacities are optionally available.

Axis brings you the safe area / Hazardous Area Chiller Unit to meet diverse and exacting demand which runs trouble-free for 24 x 7 days in Power Plant, Refinery and Petrochemical Industries for cooling the sample to be analyzed.