Axis Peltier Air conditioning unit – PAC1 and PAC2 is designed to deliver continuous cooling to the industrial panel to avoid overheating the system. It is mainly used where refrigeration based (compressor-based) resources is a challenge. It is a fully mechanical device hence very less maintenance is required. Used in all type of process industries where small panel/enclosure or switching cabinet want to cool.

Many features of the PAC1 and PAC2 make it ideal for a wide range of cooling applications. Basically, it works on Peltier Effect; Peltier blocks are used with electronic circuits. PAC1 and PAC2 can work in the most adverse environmental conditions. They are suited for working in high ambient temperatures or heavily polluted ambient air. The warm air inside the switching cabinet is blown into the cold exchanger by a fan and thereby cooled. There are not refrigerant and thus no danger of leakage. In addition, our switching cabinet coolers can therefore be used in moving or accelerating systems