The system is based on an 8-bit micro-controller. It is to be used for selecting one of the EIGHT streams in accordance with SYNC. The pulse from Analyser if the trigger mode is Pulse. Stream selection will be according to preprogrammed timings if the trigger mode selected is TIME. With the help of a keypad and display on the front, the system allows us to set and modify the following parameters of each individual stream.

  • Full-scale value for Scaling analog input
  • Skip/Unskip a stream
  • Stream On Time
  • Power On status
  • Alarm set-points

In pulse mode, the system allows to skip/Inskip the specified stream and in time mode if the value of Stream On-time is programmed as zero, it is skipped.

When the system is put in RUN mode, through the front keypad, the sequence is executed. The relay contacts are switched ON and OFF as per the predefined sequence.