Axis Vortex Cooler – VC1 & VC2 are designed to deliver continuous cold air to the industrial panels to avoid overheating the system.

It is mainly used where electricity resource is a challenge. It is a fully mechanical device hence very less maintenance is required. Used in Oil and

The gas refinery, power, chemical, pharmaceutical industries, product chilling machine, industrial PC cooling as well as a machine control panel.

Many features of VC1 & VC2 make it ideal for a wide range of applications for air cooling. It has the main advantage is that it prevents dust and ingress

protection of cabinet/panel / Machine hence eliminates the downtime of the system or machine.

Basically, it works on the vortex tube principle, the hot air produced by the hot end the vortex tube, and cold air released at the opposite end and enters

where cooling is required. hot air released to the atmosphere via vent entry of VC1 & VC2.